My Name is RJ Coleman

RJ Coleman   –   Photographer / makeup artist

With over 25 years of experience in audio/video/film, R.J Colemanʼs creative enthusiasm and commitment to excellence have established him as a prominent practitioner in modern media capture and editing.

Graduated in 1992 from the prestigious Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida and worked throughout the 1990’s in the Miami and Carribean with multiple broadcast and production facilities, and the next decade in systems, acoustics and design.

With a desire to re-kindle the craft of film-making and production, RJ trained as an actor at the Conservatory Program at the Acting School of South Florida and studied the Uta Hagen method with ActTrue.  He then immersed himself in the craft of understanding and practicing “truthful, human behavior”, which of course would lend itself valuable in extracting the most organic expressions from his portrait subjects.  Represented in and out of state as a SAG/AFTRA actor and continues to produce original works with several local production companies.

RJ is a proud member of the Professional Photographers Association, Wedding and Portrait Photographers International, and is a Certified Professional Photographer. (CPP)

Graduated from the bridal, fashion and runway makeup curriculum at the Napoleon Perdis Academy in Hollywood, CA., as well as the advanced program in editorial fashion and beauty.


RJ is by far the most creative, talented photographer I have had the great pleasure to hire. He has an amazing eye for detail and ability to connect with the talent and bring out the best in them.  My photographs have been praised by all my agents and manager.

Cristina F.
Televised Actress

RJ Coleman will give you the look you are looking for in your timeless shots. My pregnancy pictures tell a story and I couldn’t be happier with the results.  Thanks to everyone involved. You guys are . Two thumbs up!

Tiana C.
Very Happy Mom

RJ created the best wedding video we could have! He shows his passion and professionalism through his work!  He does even a better job with his camera, we have great pictures from him from several occasions…he will capture the artist in you!

Darcy H.
Happy Bride

RJ is an amazing and talented photographer. He did a shoot for our highschool Homecoming and the students felt so comfortable and enjoyed his pictures. He creates a fun and natural environment and really tailors it to the individual and or event. He is a true artist and I look forward to using him for my headshots and composite card photos. Thanks a million RJ!!

Happy Teacher

I highly recommend RJ Coleman. The headshots he took launched my modeling career. He gives great direction, has creative ideas, and knows exactly what the industry is looking for.  I’m a repeat customer and have recommended him to many friends. The man knows what he’s doing!!!!

Bekah P.
Happy Model

I used RJ to shoot some professional dance photos last year, and it was honestly such an amazing experience. I’m no model, but RJ made me feel like a million bucks. We listened to music and really got in the zone. He gives amazing direction and we got to throw ideas back and forth which was fun. The photos that Rj took have opened so many doors for me and I am forever greatful. Professionalism,class,experience, everything you want in a photographer.

Natalie B.
Happy Dancer

RJ and Paris were an absolute pleasure to work with. There was a ton of collaboration involved, so they really made me feel like it was “our” project. The synergy that was created among three creative minds took on a life of its own. Ideas abounded once we got to talking.  RJ gave me some things to think about before coming in so that we could hit the ground running once I arrived at the studio. Not only that, but he REALLY did his “homework” and prepared the set long before my arrival. I walked in to see all my gear arranged in a way that was more aesthetically pleasing than I had ever seen.   I can’t say enough good things about my experience. I had to leave thousands of dollars worth of music equipment at the studio overnight. Unbeknownst to me, RJ actually stayed there and slept on the couch so that he could be sure everything was safe!  The atmosphere was very comfortable and relaxed. RJ and Paris took their time to make sure everything was done right I never once felt hurried. I stayed for quite awhile after the shoot as RJ demonstrated his editing process. It was fascinating for me, a musician, to get a look inside the creative world of a photographer.  RJ and I have been in touch ever since the shoot and he is always happy to work with me concerning any requests/questions I may have. The cost was already amazingly low, and considering the amount of time, energy, and care he put into the project I truly feel like I got the better end of the deal. There is no doubt in my mind…I will DEFINITELY be working with RJ again.

Beau S.
Ecstatic Musician